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The ANDY- Exploring Interests Scholarship
Advocating for New Discoveries in You 

This $500 scholarship is for Frankfort Middle School or High School students grades 7-11 who are interested in pursuing a summer learning experience to help develop their academic or career interests. 

Some examples include: academic travel or camps focusing on any of the arts, architecture, engineering, computer programming, environmental concerns or language immersion.  Life experiences can help you set your life goals, and this scholarship is to help you develop experience in your personal interests.    

In preparing for this scholarship you will need to identify timelines for the application process, requirements for admission (such as transcripts or teacher recommendations) and fee schedules.   Some families may want to investigate scholarship opportunities available through the camp or organizing agency, that could help offset expenses beyond the scope of The ANDY scholarship. This scholarship is available to you even if you have already registered and paid for your learning experience for the summer; simply provide proof of payment with your application.


The ANDY Scholarship online application will be open on February 1st.  The online application, along with the parent signature form, is due by Friday, March 15 by 3pm.  The awardee will be notified by March 31st. 

Please direct any questions to Frankfort Education Foundation Executive Director,

A Word from Andy's Family

andy ehrman.jpg

The ANDY Exploring Interests (Advocating New Discoveries in You) was created in memory of Andy Ehrmann.  Andy, a life-long learner, could name every tree in the woods, was a self-taught gourmet chef, and avid reader of great literature.  Prior to his cancer diagnosis, he taught college English for 20 years and was working on his PhD in Modern American Poetry.  He was a great dad, who encouraged his children to love and pursue learning.

We believe that students should be encouraged to pursue their own academic and career interests with vigor.  Opportunities such as academic travel and camps developing arts/academic or career interests can:

  • Add depth of knowledge in an area of personal interest

  • Foster new interest in personal academic success in school

  • Give a student a new level of confidence

  • Help a student develop long-term personal goals

  • Widen their view of the world

  • And perhaps give them opportunities for future scholarships


Some regional opportunities that would fit the scope of this scholarship include:

  • IU Journalism camp  

  • Herron School of Art and Design

  • Ball State DesignWorks-Architecture                        

  • Purdue Engineering camps

  • Interlochen Arts Camp

  • IU Honors Language Program-immersion

  • IDtech programing camps

  • Blue Lake Arts Camp

  • GERI or other gifted camp programs


This is a limited list, created just to give you an idea of the kinds of opportunities students could pursue. You are probably more aware of the opportunities in your own content areas. Students and families interested in pursuing this scholarship should research extended learning opportunities (camps, workshops, travel) for growth in the area of interest.  

Finally this scholarship was created in memory of Andy Ehrmann, but also in honor of the teachers of Frankfort.  We know many of you have dug into your own pockets to help students with special opportunities like this.  Several of you helped our daughter Lauren participate in the IU language immersion program in Spain, which we believe helped her earn an amazing scholarship.  


One of our goals with The ANDY Extending Learning Scholarship, is to help you encourage your students to pursue their dreams. 


The Ehrmann Family​

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