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Breaking Education Barriers

What do we mean by “breaking educational barriers?” Barriers look different for every student. To seniors, it might be a financial barrier to attend college. To a 3rd grader, it might be the start of losing engagement in coming to school. To one student it might be medical issues, or even transportation.

What we are able to do is help students jump that hurdle so they are excited to come to school and have the belief that learning is not only fun, but necessary to increase their educational attainment.

fef graduate.png

By offering scholarships to seniors we can make their higher education dreams a reality, and by allowing teachers the freedom and flexibility to apply for teacher grants that suit the interests of their particular classroom, we can break those educational barriers.

If a student wakes up in the morning and they are excited to go to school, we’ve been successful. Maybe that looks like Legos or a special book in the classroom now, or knowing on that particular morning they are able to attend a field trip to the Children’s Museum thanks to the membership provided by the Education Foundation.

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Through the generous support of the Templeton & Lewis Trust we are quietly able to also help with transportation to speech therapy, PE uniforms, and dental bills just to name a few.

Though there will always be challenges to overcome, our mission is to break through as many of the barriers as we can for as many students as we can and as a result, we will have a community who is educated and interested in making their future the best it can be.

We achieve this by funding yearly teacher grants for innovative ideas to increase education in the classroom and by awarding over $50,000 in scholarships for graduating seniors.

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