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Show our Youngest Learners You Believe in Them!

With graduation season behind us, we are turning our sights to the future! It's nearly time to welcome the incoming kindergarteners – the Class of 2037! It is the goal of the Frankfort Education Foundation to give an XL “grow with me” t-shirt to every student that is entering a Community Schools of Frankfort elementary school, and by doing so together, we show EVERY kindergartener that we believe in their educational journey and KNOW that they will graduate!

Here's where you come in! Become a sponsor by making a tax-deductible contribution of at least $100 to FEF. There are several ways to donate:

  • Drop off your donation: 2400 E Wabash St.

  • Mail your donation: 2400 E Wabash St., Frankfort, IN 46041

  • Donate online by clicking below

Deadline to join us July 5, 2024!

Show your support and get some recognition! As a sponsor, your name (personal or business) will be proudly displayed on the back of these commemorative t-shirts. We'll also give you a shout-out on our website and social media pages. (Our social media is very engaging and popular right now - check out our daily senior scholarship award posts!)

Let's invest in the future of Frankfort education, together!

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