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Frankfort Students Spark Curiosity at Children's Museum Thanks to FEF Membership!

Have you ever seen a third grader's face light up as they immerse themselves an interactive International Space Station exhibit, or as they stand in awe of enormous, long necked, Jurassic creatures or explore with the delight the wonders of science, technology, geology and more? Well, thanks to the Frankfort Education Foundation (FEF), hundreds of Frankfort Community Schools (CSF) students have had the chance to experience these very things and more at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, the world's largest children's museum!

Learning Beyond the Classroom Walls

In a world of rigorous academic standards, FEF recognizes the importance of fostering a love for learning beyond the confines of a textbook. That's why we secured a membership for all 1,397 CSF elementary school students this year, granting them free admission to the Children's Museum on school fieldtrips.

This generous initiative removes several barriers for teachers looking to provide enriching field trips. With the FEF membership, classrooms can visit the museum as often as their curriculum allows, transportation and logistics permitting.

Spark Joy, Wonder, and Curiosity

Aligning perfectly with our commitment to educational excellence, the Children's Museum of Indianapolis shares a mission "to ignite joy, wonder, and curiosity by creating powerful learning experiences for children and adults." Through interactive exhibits, engaging activities, and immersive environments, the museum fosters a love of learning that complements classroom instruction and inspires young minds to reach their full potential.

A Glimpse into the Fun

Take a look at some of the photos from a recent trip by the third graders at Green Meadows Elementary! Their visit to the museum showcases the excitement and educational value these field trips offer.

FEF: Investing in Frankfort's Future

The Frankfort Education Foundation is a champion for student success. In addition to the museum membership, FEF awards $15,000 annually in teacher grants and over $50,000 in scholarships for graduating seniors. Our dedicated board ensures responsible financial management, prioritizing the best interests of CSF students.

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