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FEF Equips Buses with Life-Saving Tourniquets

Updated: Mar 19

The Frankfort Education Foundation (FEF) is proud to announce its continued commitment to the health and safety of Community Schools of Frankfort (CSF) students. Thanks to FEF funding, all Frankfort school buses are now equipped with life-saving tourniquets, a vital tool in emergency situations.

A Nurse's Vision for Preparedness

Two years ago, Green Meadows Elementary School Nurse Suzanne MacOwan recognized the critical need for tourniquets in our schools. With foresight and a dedication to student well-being, she contacted FEF to request funding for their initial purchase. Thanks to FEF's support, approximately 60 tourniquets were placed in CSF schools.

Extending Safety Measures

This school year, Nurse MacOwan didn't stop there. She understood that emergencies can occur anywhere, including on school buses. She approached FEF again, requesting funding for tourniquets specifically for each bus. The FEF board readily approved this initiative, recognizing the importance of being prepared for any situation. This resulted in the purchase and distribution of approximately 40 additional tourniquets for Frankfort's school bus fleet.

Equipping and Educating for Emergency Response

Preparation is key in any emergency situation. Last month, 15 CSF bus drivers received vital "Stop the Bleed" training from Teresa Williams, a trauma nurse from IU Health (pictured). This training equipped drivers with the knowledge and skills to use the newly acquired tourniquets effectively.

A Commitment to Safety

The Frankfort Education Foundation applauds Nurse Suzanne MacOwan's unwavering dedication to student safety. Her foresight and proactive approach are a shining example of the commitment shared by the CSF and Green Meadows staff. By providing funding for these critical resources, FEF is proud to play a part in ensuring the well-being of our students, both in and out of the classroom.

Together, we can ensure that our students are safe and prepared for any situation.

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