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Children's Museum Memberships Funded for Every Elementary Student in Frankfort Schools

Updated: Jan 30

The Frankfort Education Foundation has purchased a membership for field trips to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for every elementary school student in the Community Schools of Frankfort. That means 1,397 students will have the opportunity to visit the world’s largest children’s museum on field trips, without having to pay the admissions fee.

With the rigorous standards that students are expected to achieve, we wanted to make sure there are still learning opportunities outside the classroom. With the financial support of FEF, teachers will no longer need to worry about collecting payments, finding funds for students who cannot afford to go, or worry about the number of times they take their class in a year. With this membership, classrooms can visit as frequently as they like, so if it fits in their curriculum and transportation and logistics can be coordinated, CSF elementary school students can take full advantage of this membership.

The mission of the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is to ignite joy, wonder, and curiosity by creating powerful learning experiences for children and adults. Their vision is that all children are inspired and empowered to realize their potential in the world.

The Frankfort Education Foundation is committed to excellence in education. We achieve this by funding $15,000 annually in teacher grants for innovative ideas to increase education in the classroom and by awarding over $50,000 in scholarships for graduating seniors. Our dedicated volunteer board of directors assure that the money our donors give is handled with integrity and the best interest of Community Schools of Frankfort students comes first.

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