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Past Teacher Grants 2006-2010

2006-2007 Frankfort Grant Recipients

(Note:  Amount funded by Frankfort Education Foundation $7,250)

Phil Hammen and Shelbi Ranjbar, Frankfort Senior High School, “Separating Students from the Pack with Electrophoresis”    ($1,000.00)

*Funded in part by the Rose and Rawl Ransom Memorial Fund)

Amy Smith, Kyger, “What Was THAT?”   ($980.00)

Anne Lanum, Angela Moore, Sarah Spangler, and Brenda Thomas, Kyger, “Leap into Literacy”   ($900.00)  *Funded in part by the Family of Irene Frazier Memorial

Mindy Stader, South Side, “Scholastic Book Clubs”    ($600.00)

Michal Haney, Suncrest, “Get Real with Vocab!”    ($335.00)

Gail Riedel, Pat Elliott, Susan Alexander, Jeri Kingery, and Bill Gant, Suncrest, “Movin’ on Up”     ($910.00)

Missy Griggs, Sue Delong, Rosemary Brown, and Zeb Skinner, Suncrest, “Steppin’ Up     ($910.00)  *Funded by the Class of 1975

Linda Ray, Melissa McCarty, Mario Dohnert, and Wayne Biggs, Suncrest, “Up, Up, and Away”    ($910.00)  *Funded by the Class of 1975

Gail Riedel and Pat Elliott, Suncrest, “Hop, Fly, and Swim into Science”  ($305.00)

Mary Friend and Allison Reuzenaar, Suncrest, “Top Riders of Suncrest”  ($400.00)

2007-2008 Frankfort Education Foundation Grant Recipients

(Total amount funded by FEF $6000.00)

Amanda Haskins, Kyger, “Mathematics: Making a Literature Connection” ($500.00)

-Funded by the Ransom Family Endowment

Marianne Hillis and Zeb Skinner, Suncrest, “Frogs, Pollywogs, and Parents: Partners for Reading Success” ($600.00)

Kristen Queen, Kyger, “Fluency and Comprehension – The Road to Reading Success”                  ($710.00)

Elizabeth Moore, Riley, “Math Maniacs”($350.00)                                                                                              

Jeff Bracken and Martin Hale, Frankfort Middle School, “I Can See Clearly Now!”                                                                               ($997.55) Funded in part from a memorial in honor of Teacher and Coach Reece Heninger. 

Rebecca Cesare, Frankfort High School, “The Digital Darkroom” ($500.00) 

   - Funded by the Irene Frazier Memorial Fund                                                                          

Joel Wilson – Frankfort Middle School, “Fast Plants”($300)                                                                                                   

Judy Pillion, Betsy Totty, Jo McKinzie, Marta Stuard, Barb Fleckenstein, Shari Nicols, and Nicole McClatchy, Frankfort Middle School, “Heard any Good Books Lately?”($371.00)                                                                  


Lori North, Lisa Ristow, Amy Perez, Liz Stewart, Dan Miller, Debbie Keys, Olivia Rothenberger, Kyger, “M.A.T.H– Multiplication Achievement through Helping Hands” ($ 500.00)

Tracy Townsend, Riley, “Math is Fun and Games” ($250.00)

Michal Haney, Suncrest, “Listen, Look, and Learn Phonics,” ($275.00)

Heidi Troyer, Frankfort Middle School, “Do You Hear What I Hear?” ($275.00)

Jo McKinzie,  Frankfort Middle School, “Listening to Books”(371.00)     

2008-2009 Frankfort Education Foundation Grant Recipients

(Total amount funded by FEF $8000.00)

Mary Montgomery, Suncrest, “CRASH = Connecting Reading At School and Home”($989.15)

Tracey Townsend, Blue Ridge, “Versa Tiles Are Versatile!” ($790.00)

Hannah Vaughn and Pat VanDermay, Green Meadow, “Listening Center Station”                 ($823.26)

Linda Ray, Suncrest, “And Now for the Rest of the Story”($990.00)

Amy Smith, Blue Ridge, “Our Little Corner of the Globe”,($500.00)                                                                                             

Amanda Hart, Frankfort Middle School, “Real Care Program”


Ann Buser, Jane Holden, Portia Naze, Richard Sallee and Jarod Mason, Frankfort High School, “Reading: A Contagious Condition ($798.13) 


Jean Catron, Blue Ridge, “Health Education Project”($135.00)                                                                  


Marcella Holmes, Sherri Riegle, Colleen McKinzie, Pattie Elliot, Marty Bible, Melissa McCarty, Maura D’Andrea, Nancy Snyder, Carol Andrew and Stephanie Franklin, Suncrest, “Character in Action” ( $500.00)

Amy Smith  and Patricia Nash, Blue Ridge, “Books and Bugs” ($500.00)

Jim Guckien, FHS, Frankfort High School Robotics,” ($500.00)

- Funded by the Ransom Family Endowment

Susie Rusk and Traci Stine, Blue Ridge, “Building Literacy in the Kindergarten Classroom” ($300.00)

Julie Fisher and Amy Perez, “Think and Talk Through Texts”($500.00)

- Funded by the Irene Frazier Memorial Fund               

2009-2010 Grant Recipients

(Total amount funded by FEF $6468.50)

  1. Pat Elliot & Gail Reidel - Inquiring Minds Search and Find (Suncrest)  $174.50

  1. Richard Day, Greta Hoffman & Olivia Rothenberger - Book Baggies Bridging Bilingual Barriers (Blue Ridge) $300.00

  1. Marianne Hillis – LEEP Let Everyone Enjoy Reading (Suncrest) $300.00

  1. Patty Butler, Ryan Skinner, Brian Wheeler, Amanda Craw & Tess DeLaRosa –

      Mentos Mythbuster Experiment (FMS) $495.60

  1. Daidra Jagger & Pam Wolfe – Reading Milestones (FHS) $929.00

  1. Cathy Ayers – Leap into the Future with Smartphones (Suncrest) $450.00

  1. Susan Mills – Math can be Versatile ( FMS) $325.00

  1. Sonja Wood – Community Read: Primary Style (Blue Ridge) $500.00

  1. Amy Smith – It’s not Easy Eatin’ Green: an integration of science, math, literacy and dramatic play (Blue Ridge) $995.00

  1. Erin Swinford & Connie Timmons – Books can Build a Bridge Between Your World and Mine ( FMS) $300.00

  1. Cathy Stout – Entrepreneurship (FMS) $200.00

  1. Melissa Griggs – Brain Games (Suncrest) $500.00

  1. Ann Buser, Jane Holden & Patty Kulesavage – Crafty Dogs Club (FHS) $400.00

  2. Brenda Buckingham-Ehrmann – Snapshots of our Community (FMS) $600.00                                                        

2010-2011 Grant Recipients

(Total amount funded by FEF $8,145.90)

  1. “AWEsome Kids,” $950.00, 

   Michal Haney, Lori North, Julie Bauerband, Maureen Parker, 

   Judy Lawson, and Jeanna Johnson

  1. “Author Studies,” $950.00

   Liz Stewart

  1. “Making the Most of Read Alouds Throughout the Day,” $1,000

        Amanda Skinner

  1. “Building Reading Lives,” $827.00

   Lesley Miller

  1. “Published Writing,” $139.92 

   Amanda L. Smith

  1. “Building Browsing Boxes,” $900.00

   Erin Swinford and Connie Timmons

  1. “Automated Accounting Project,” $765.00

     Andy Ross

  1. “ Content-Area Leveled Books to Supplement the Literacy Framework,” $943.94

        Jayme Rule

  1. “FMS Peace Club,” $ 320.42

   Shelli Rupe and Nicole McClatchey

  1. “Story Book Science: Making the Literacy and Science Connection,” $349.62

   Amy J. Smith

  1. “Recovering the Joy of Reading,” $1,000

        Elizabeth Moore


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