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Teacher Grant Recipients 2023-2024 (Cycle II)

Congratulations to the winning teachers for the 2023-2024 second grant cycle. We are so proud of our teachers for going above and beyond and looking for ways to enhance the learning experience for their students. It is wonderful that they take the time to do this so the Frankfort Education Foundation can help expand educational opportunities for Frankfort Schools.

Second Cyle February 2024

Awarded: $6528

Green Meadows

  • SPED Teacher, Tara Woods - "School Therapy Dog Handler Certification"

  • 5th Grade teacher, Katie Akers - "Camp Tecumseh"

Blue Ridge Primary School

  • 2nd grade teacher, Michele O'Neal - "Rocket Readers"

Suncrest Elementary School

  • 2nd grade teacher, Elizabeth Claxton - "A Research Safari on the Savanna"

  • 2nd grade teacher, Michelle Hettmansperger - "Animal Research at the Indy Zoo"

  • Kindergarten teacher, Liz Stewart - "Listen and Learn"

  • Melissa Fitzgerald - "A Book Tasting- 2024-2025 Young Hoosier Books"

Frankfort Middle School

  • 7th grade School Counselor, Kelly Penley - "JA Job Spark field trip"

  • Interventionist, Becky Kurth - "Battle of the Books"

Next Cycle opens August 2024

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