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Teacher Grant Recipients 2023-2024 (Cycle I)

Updated: Mar 18

Congratulations to the winning teachers for the 2023-2024 grant cycle. We are so proud of our teachers for going above and beyond and looking for ways to enhance the learning experience for their students. It is wonderful that they take the time to do this so the Frankfort Education Foundation can help expand educational opportunities for Frankfort Schools.

First Cyle October 2023

Awarded: $7476

Blue Ridge Primary School

  • ML Teachers Brandy Mathewson and Anne Britt -"Building Cultural Awareness Through Read Alouds"

  • PBIS Team members Gina Carter and Tracey Townsend -"Rockin' Rockets Students of the Month"

  • Special Education Teachers Laura Hayes and Tarra Ziegler - "Tonies for Teaching"

  • 2nd grade Team Lead Michele O'Neal - "Rocket Readers"

  • 2nd grade Teacher Amanda Hoskins -"Decodable Detectives"

Suncrest Elementary School

  • Elizabeth Claxton and Michelle Hettmansperger's request for their grants "A Day at the Museum" was funded for the year for ALL Suncrest students and CSF elementary students.

  • Gia Cooper's grant request for "Clay & Clay Tools for Suncrest to Explore Culturally Relevant Art" was also fully funded.

Frankfort Middle School

  • Crystal Dardini - 8th grade project "Science, Literacy Initiative"

  • Austin King, FMS Band Director - "Reeds for Band"

  • Heidi Troyer, School Counselor and grant project leader - "PBIS Reward Cart

Frankfort Senior High School

  • Brenda Buckingham-Ehrmann, Art Teacher -"First Impressions: An Art Show Fresh off the Press"

  • Audrey Purcifull, Project Leader - "Battle of the Books"

  • Richard Sallee, Michael Taylor - "Canine Corner"

  • Andrew McAulay - Kindness Week 2023-24"

  • Kamryn Dehn - "Experiencing Science in Virtual Reality"

Next Cycle opens January 2024

$7500 available in teacher grants

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