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Teacher Grant Recipients 2021-2022

Updated: Jan 30

Congratulations to the winning teachers for the 2021-2022 grant cycle. We are so proud of our teachers for going above and beyond and looking for ways to enhance the learning experience for their students. It is wonderful that they take the time to do this so the Frankfort Education Foundation can help expand educational opportunities for Frankfort Schools.

  • Kris Everett - Frankfort High School

  • Angela Hale - Frankfort High School

  • Austin King - Frankfort Middle School

  • Kris Everett - Frankfort High School

  • Blake Surber - Frankfort Middle School

  • Daidra Jagger - Frankfort High School

  • Jason Hutton - Frankfort High School

  • Annie Buser - Frankfort High School

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